Navigate by Daniel Hall

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Score: 10/10

Released 25th August, 2023

Navigate is the new synthpop album from Daniel Hall, who lives in Australia. Sometimes dark, and always melodic, Navigate is the perfect audio vessel to navigate through life.

Daniel says, “Navigate is a journey through some aspects of our lives already travelled but is also a journey into the unknown future.

There are some obvious inspirations on the album and you can hear sounds musically and vocally from the following bands in the songs, Depeche Mode, Erasure, Pet Shop Boys, Gary Numan (Music for Aliens) The Human League, Heaven 17, Naked Eyes, Yazoo, De/Vision, Massive Attack (Rules).”

Loveless, the lead single, features the refrain “Where is love?” The theme of no love at all is an unusual one. Daniel considers, when you feel in love, is the love truly there at all? It’s an interesting take on a love song and something a little different. It’s this approach and level of thinking that sets Daniel’s music apart from the rest.

Music for Aliens is the opening track and unlike anything Daniel has created before. Quite off-the-wall, Music for Aliens reigns itself in so it never strays into avant-garde territory and remains firmly synthpop.

Overall, Navigate is, in my eyes, Daniel Hall’s best album to date. Musically it is very strong and lyrically Daniel is treading new ground. Available online for streaming and on Bandcamp on CD and download, Navigate will enhance your collection.

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