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Wireless Lavalier microphone for iPhone

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Score: 10/10

This Lavalier lapel microphone is superb! It comes in a hard zipped storage case to protect itself and keeps all the accessories together. In the box is a USB cable for charging the mic (the receiver does not require charging), a receiver and the microphone itself.

After I had charged the mic, I plugged the receiver straight into my iPhone 14 without removing my phone from its case. I clipped the mic to my t-shirt, opened the phone and opened the Voice Memo app. I pressed the microphone’s power button and started a recording. The sound quality and volume of the recording at normal speaking volume is superb and, being hands-free as it comes with a clip, I was free to concentrate on my recording.

If your iPhone is low on power, the receiver has a lightning port on one side, allowing you to charge your phone whilst continuing to use the mic. This is a wonderful addition and one that I know will prove to be useful in the future. I host a radio show and I needed a good quality microphone to do this, and I am thrilled with the one I have found. I received this item through the Amazon Vine scheme.

The microphone is lightweight but sturdy and the sound quality is better than I could have hoped for. I am seriously impressed with this. There was no setting up or installing of any extra apps required and, being wireless, it gave me the freedom to move whilst I was recording.

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