Children Games

24 children’s small hoops

Score: 10/10

This set of children’s hoops does exactly what it says on the tin – low-cost, plastic rings that children (and adults if they want to!) can use to play ring toss and other games.

The set comes with 24 rings all in varying sizes so there is a great choice of sizes to make games easier or more challenging. The colours are bright, vivid and appealing.

The plastic is substantially thick on these hoops so I believe they will wear well and be very durable. The perfect toys to make up your own games with and have fun.

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Anti draft – a game of questions

Score: 6/10

Anti draft is a compelling game, but be warned, it is very deviously tricky! To play, a player reads a card to themselves ( a pack of question cards are supplied in the box) that contains a topic. That player must think of 3 things that vaguely relate to that topic and tell the other player or players. From those 3 examples, the other player must correctly guess the topic.

It is quite fiendish when thinking of examples to give, there is no further help on the card. It is quite an addictive game, however, and good fun to play. My only issue with the game is that it comes with very few topic cards, and you need those to be able to play. The longevity of this game within the same circle of friends or family group will be limited by running out of cards and topics. That is the only let down, that and the fact that it can be quite tricky and taxing to play.

All-in-all, a fun game that makes you think. Definitely one to play before the Christmas sherry!

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