30x party bag fillers and fidget toys

Score: 10/10

This pack of party favours for children are perfect for mid-to-late-aged children. It features 30 pieces split between 2 items. I received a selection of snap or slap bands that, when you slap them onto your arm, magically twist around to create a strap of sorts. They are great fun to try out, even for the bigger kids that we all are!

These party bag fillers also contained a selection of silicone bracelets of Pop-Its. These are the ideal stress relief fidget toys as they work like reusable bubble wrap. The bracelets are quite long so not suitable for very small children. I use a Pop It fidget toy my self and have added a bracelet (pictured) for my own use. I use to it stop me from peeling the nails of my fingers and they work a treat. Perfect for neurodiverse children of all ages.

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