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Large colourful hair clips for easy styling

Score: 10/10

My wife ordered these 6 large hair clips so she can put her hair up and out of the way quickly and without fuss. She has traditionally used hair bands, however our 2 cute kitties have a tendency to run off with them!

These clips were bought as an alternative and within seconds, my wife was able to twist her hair and add the clip. As you can see, the results are great and this was the first time she has ever used a clip like this.

The selection of colourful clips arrived in an attractive gift box, so perfect if you are giving them to someone as a present. The clips are sturdy and substantial and hold my wife’s hair in place well. She has shaken her head about to test whether it will fall out easily and there was zero movement at all! Very impressive. So, if you’re looking for an extremely fast method of styling your hair, these clips are it!

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