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Wired Lavalier tie-clip microphone for phones & tablets

Score: 10/10

The Lavalier lapel tie-clip microphone I received cam with its own little faux leather storage and carrying case. This is a nice touch to have as it keeps all the accessories and the microphone itself safe, clean and all together.

The microphone clip feels very sturdy and substantial. I am certain this will last a long time of use as it is not flimsy at all. The mic plugged straight into my iPad Air 4, having a USB-C connector at the end of the cable. It also ships with a USB-C to USB-A adapter for even more versatility.

The mic doesn’t require batteries, being a wired accessory, so it is useable any time you need it. The attached cable is 6m in length, so perfect for every use I can imagine. The quality of the recordings I have made with this mic using the built-in Voice Memo app are superb and, to my ears, of a professional standard.

The microphone comes with 2 replacement wind shields and 2 replacement lapel clips. This is very useful as it gives the product a far greater longevity. I am thrilled with this mic and impressed by its low price. Definitely a good product.

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5200 mAh iPhone power bank

Score: 10/10

The power bank is compact and definitely small enough to fit in a pocket or handbag. My wife has been testing it and she has found it invaluable in the 3 days we have owned it. She has an older iPhone and the battery doesn’t hold its charge for very long.

The power bank has a lovely, textured sparkly effect and it definitely looks glam. It is only the width of an iPhone, as seen in the photo, and has a built in lightning plug to connect directly to your phone.

We charged the power bank fully upon opening by attaching our iPhone lightning charging cable to the power bank. You can also use a USB cable that is supplied. The power bank charged quickly, with a clear display showing the number of percentage charged.

My wife left the power bank for 24 hours and it still remained at full capacity, reading a level of 100%. This is especially useful as you often wouldn’t need to use it immediately after charging.

It plugged into her phone easily through the charging port and the phone’s screen indicated that it was being charged. Her iPhone was not empty, at 54%, and it only took 2 and a quarter hours to reach 100%. After charging, the power bank still had over 60% charge left in it so it will work for more than a single use on 1 charge.

It’s a small, compact piece of kit and attractively designed. Also, at this price, it is a highly favourable item to buy. Very easy to use and convenient to store and carry around with you.

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Wireless Lavalier microphone for iPhone

Score: 10/10

This Lavalier lapel microphone is superb! It comes in a hard zipped storage case to protect itself and keeps all the accessories together. In the box is a USB cable for charging the mic (the receiver does not require charging), a receiver and the microphone itself.

After I had charged the mic, I plugged the receiver straight into my iPhone 14 without removing my phone from its case. I clipped the mic to my t-shirt, opened the phone and opened the Voice Memo app. I pressed the microphone’s power button and started a recording. The sound quality and volume of the recording at normal speaking volume is superb and, being hands-free as it comes with a clip, I was free to concentrate on my recording.

If your iPhone is low on power, the receiver has a lightning port on one side, allowing you to charge your phone whilst continuing to use the mic. This is a wonderful addition and one that I know will prove to be useful in the future. I host a radio show and I needed a good quality microphone to do this, and I am thrilled with the one I have found. I received this item through the Amazon Vine scheme.

The microphone is lightweight but sturdy and the sound quality is better than I could have hoped for. I am seriously impressed with this. There was no setting up or installing of any extra apps required and, being wireless, it gave me the freedom to move whilst I was recording.

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