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Talking flash cards with reader for British English

Score: 5/10

I received this Talking flash card set, that boasts 224 words, so that my wife could use it with any English as an Additional Language children in the nursery where she works as a learning aid.

The reader, featuring a cute cat design, is very appealing and a good size and weight for little hands. It comes with lots of cards featuring 224 words as advertised. We chose this version as it specifically mentioned that it was designed for British English. It contains words for animals, including the sounds they make, objects, foods and drinks and many other categories.

On the whole, this card set works very well and does what it describes. When you insert a card, the reader says the word aloud, teaching the child using it what the picture is named. The reason I have given it such a poor rating is because, as specifically described as a British English set, some words are pronounced strangely and many cards are American English not British. For example: eggplant instead of aubergine, agitator truck instead of cement mixer, backhoe instead of digger and subway instead of underground or tube. This aside, the reader works as it should and is still a valuable tool, just be mindful if you are British that a few words don’t translate.

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