Fantastic playdough tool set for children of all ages

Score: 8/10

This is a great set for children of all ages who enjoy modelling with playdough. The numerous cutting and shaping tools are made from plastic and not sharp enough to harm your child, but are strong and sturdy enough to withstand energetic play with the playdough.

This set comes with 10 small cutters. Some of these are excellent, however several of these shaped cutters have very small holes where it would be difficult for very young children to push out the playdough shape. Older children will not have this problem though.

This set is attractively coloured and well made. It should last a fair amount of time being played with. A great buy for parents and grandparents. It also comes with a book of illustrated instructions showing how to make many attractive and fun models to keep your child entertained for hours, days, weeks, months and possibly years.

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