Synth joy with The Watchman

Out on 23rd October, 2020 on my record label Pink Dolphin Music Ltd, a brand new single choc-a-block full of gorgeous Synth-pop remixes.

The Watchman – Remixes is a 6-track EP by Daniel Hall.

Daniel is British born but lives in Australia, which has been his home for many years. He writes, composes, performs and produces pop songs based around drum machines and synthesizers. He is influenced by many artists, but his love of Depeche Mode shines through here.

The first track on the Download EP and CD is Daniel‘s original version. Dark, soft and moody; The Watchman tells a tale of a person who works very hard, looking over and after people, as they go about their daily lives.

Next up is the Wave In Head remix, which beefs up the original song with Wave In Head‘s trademark sound. He even adds his own vocals into the mix, adding another dimension.

Fused, a Synth-pop Master in his own right, provides us with two versions of his remix. His take on the song is with a big, sweeping synth sound with a great production value. Fused‘s remix is presented both with vocals and without.

Screamershock is a producer who traverses many musical styles within the Electronic music genre. For his remix of The Watchman, Screamershock has stripped the track bare and down to it’s basic elements. He has added a dark, Numan-esque synth to the proceedings, making a more serious, gritty take on Daniel Hall‘s song.

Finally, but not least, we are presented with a superb, full-on remix from producer, songwriter and artist, LorD and Master. The LorD and Master remix takes its cue from the idea that applies to many great Northern British artists, melding a serious lyric with an uplifting production. Heavily influenced by Pet Shop Boys, this remix has a big, full sound and it powers along to the end.

All-in-all, The Watchman by Daniel Hall is a varied and enjoyable EP. Even though there are 6 versions here of the same song, the EP does not become repetitive or stale. All producers, and Daniel himself, have created a wonderful piece of work for all to enjoy.

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