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Halloween pumpkin carving kit

Score: 10/10

This pumpkin carving kit is extremely impressive. Although not the cheapest kit, it comes with many blades and utensils to scoop out and carve your own jack-o-lantern pumpkin for Halloween.

All tools are stainless steel and of a durable, sturdy construction with comfortable plastic handles. The will withstand some tough use and will last many years, making this set a good investment.

All the tools come in a handy, zipped storage wallet to keep them clean, dry and safe. This is always handy as you will never lose a blade or scoop. The set also includes 3 paper stencils to make good Halloween designs ready for the spooky season. The wallet is in an attractive orange and black design, mimicking the pumpkin it will be used for. Overall, a great purchase.

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